Uncollected debts cost individuals and businesses billions of dollars every year. This causes a negative effect on the bottom line. Our company's goal is to assist with solutions which maximize profits and increase your company’s bottom line.  

We pursue past due consumer and commercial  judgments and collections that are normally $100 or higher.

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How much is my judgment worth today?


During the past several years, The United States economy has become sluggish and has fallen into a recession. Time is of the essence in placing an account for collections. The older an account becomes, the lower your chances of recovery. It is critical to take proactive actions once an account receivable ages sixty to ninety days past its due date.

But we beat the odds.  With our experience in collecting judgments we successfully collect judgments at a 2-3 times better rate than normal collections.

The chart below shows the United States Government Statistics set forth by the Department Of Commerce. The age of each account determines their value.

*As the age of the debt increases the success of the collection decreases. 

Sometimes its even hard to find plaintiffs and maybe we can help you.  We subscribe to some of the best people locators pieces of software and tools.  

So if you just don’t know where to start or which site to use, you can start with us.   We even have tools that can just use someone’s name and old address to use to find where they are now.   Just let us know how we can help you.